This one is really aimed at the Jaguar E-type although given that there are lots its XK straight-six engine in use in kitcars, so I thought it had to be in!

Fidanza has announced a new replacement lightweight flywheel for the engine which offers faster throttle response and quicker acceleration, additional horsepower to the wheels (reduced parasitic losses), smoother, faster gear-shifting, easier braking, better slowing (due to reduced rotational mass), reduced clutch wear and improved efficiency (from better heat dissipation), cost savings and longevity (thanks to Fidanza’s replaceable green friction plate – no need to replace the entire flywheel when worn), the potential for increased fuel economy (if you can keep your foot off the throttle!) and finally, quality and reliability (made in the USA from top-grade materials).

Fidanza flywheels are available for:
1961-64 3.8 litre models – Fidanza part number 119381
1965-71 4.2 litre models – Fidanza part number 119421
1971-74 5.3 litre models – Fidanza part number 119531

Fidanza flywheels are available in Europe through Limora in Germany, France, Poland, Spain and Italy. Prices from the website start at $408.51 but will be subject to import tax, handling and shipping. Contact Limora for local prices.

For more information on Fidanza’s aluminium flywheels, adjustable cam gears, premium clutches and other great products, or to find a dealer in your area, visit ENDS.