Jewels is an interesting little UK car care brand based in the North-East and I like their Ruby Shampoo which has an incredibly pleasing Cherry Bakewell smell (you don’t know just how much I LOVE that) that has an equally incredible dilution rate of 1900:1.

For the record, the standard for these sorts of products is 800-900:1, so a few squirts of product into my bucket (don’t forget your grit guard) and standby for a vast amount of suds and bubbles.

It is easy to apply and feels slick and drag-free to use and left my car’s bodywork feeling very smooth, while the levels of hydrophobicity that’s beading in my world) was wild.

When I rinsed the car the water was akin to a waterfall as it sheeted off my bonnet.

A 500ml bottle costs £16 and not only is it a quality product a little goes a very long way.

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