Exciting news from Terry Matthews of Marlin Cars this week. I’ll let Terry tell us about it.

An open letter from Terry Matthews

New ownership for Marlin Cars, the 5EXi and Avatar Sportscars. 

This year – April 14 – it was seven years since Mark’s (all-round MUCH-MISSED good guy and Terry’s husband, Mark Matthews) passing. As always, I spent the day reflecting on all the memories that we had created during our 30-years together and as you would expect, so many of them were Marlin-based.

In keeping with this, on that day, I added to those memories as I said goodbye to Mark’s final legacy, The Avatar. Although this was very difficult, I could just imagine Mark dusting his hands off as if to say, “OK, that’s it now, all sorted, I’m off for a well-earned rest.”

When I closed Marlin Cars in June 2018, I worried about finding the right kind of person/s to take on this amazing marque and the unique cars that we had produced during our reign with Marlin. So, it is with a very happy heart, I can honestly say I believe I have.

Marlin Cars plus Cabrio & Sportster models

I’m delighted to announce that Kevin Richardson, who worked with us for over 28 years, has become the proud owner of Marlin Sports Cars. Kevin joined us when he was just 17 years old as an apprentice welder and under Mark’s supervision and guidance went on to become chief engineer and train others. Kevin has such a wealth of knowledge of all things Marlin and over the years has proved himself more than capable of pretty much putting his hand to most things, just like Mark :-).

After Mark’s passing, I could not and would not have carried on running the business without Kevin’s continued support and I just know that Marlin Sports Cars will continue to thrive under his ownership.

Kevin’s contact email address is kevin@marlincars.co.uk

The late Mark Matthews behind the wheel of his beloved Sportster. A brilliant car

5EXi model

Tom Sloan, another very capable engineer, who we first met in the year 2000, has taken this on. We had just launched the 5EXi at the Stoneleigh Kit Car show and Tom fell in love with the car and decided that one day he would build himself a Marlin 5EXi. It has only taken 20-years but now, not only will Tom be building himself a car, but he is also planning, in the near future, to produce kits/cars again.

Tom’s contact email address is tom_dc5@hotmail.co.uk

The Avatar

Inderjit Grewal and his son Sunny have had a love of all things cars for as long as they can remember and they are excited to now put this love into practice and plan to run Avatar as a family concern. Both have engineering backgrounds and at one time Indi also ran his own garage. They have many exciting plans for the Avatar.

I really am so grateful to everyone for his or her support, enthusiasm and friendship, especially during the last seven years. There are a few of you that really stand out and I do hope you know who you are.

So thank you again from the VERY bottom of my heart.

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