The royal-warranted car care experts at Autoglym have announced the availability of a product designed to rapidly remove the unsightly ‘pebble-dashing’ of tar spots that usually appear on the lower half of your vehicle’s paintwork in warm weather.

Intensive Tar Remover is the disarmingly effective way to dissolve sticky bitumen flicked up from hot road surfaces, as well as other irritating adherents such as glue, grease, tree sap and fuel stains.

Tar spots are a common eyesore and especially visible on light-coloured paintwork. These sticky blemishes can prove difficult to remove and will usually smear themselves across paintwork if you try to scrub them away with shampoo alone.

Autoglym Intensive Tar Remover will not only make light work of these external spots but can also be used to remove ink, chewing gum and grease stains from the interior surfaces of your vehicle.

As enthusiasts have come to expect from Autoglym, the treatment process leaves the product to do all the hard work. The powerful, yet safe, solution is simply applied directly to the affected area with a clean microfibre cloth. Within a couple of minutes, the sticky substance will have begun to dissolve and the residue can then be wiped away to reveal a clean, stain-free panel. Professional detailers also recommend this product for removing polish and wax residue from rubber and plastic trim.

Autoglym Intensive Tar Remover is priced at £8.50 and presented in the company’s distinctive and space-efficient rectangular 325ml spray bottle. The solution is compatible with the entire Autoglym range.

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