Anyone tuning a Mini or a kitcar with an A-Series engine would do well to consider forged con rods as part of the upgrade. Mini Spares has its own brand forged con rods as part of its EVO high-performance collection.

Mini Spares’steel connecting rods are machined by Arrow Precision Engineering from double-air re-melted 817M40 forgings. They weigh just 445gm per rod.

The new X rod design maintains stiffness while reducing weight where it is not required.

Naturally, ARP 2000 5/16in bolts are included, as are Colsibro small end bushes. An automated shot peening process increases the rod’s fatigue strength and durability. The connecting rods are balanced end-over-end, sorted into matched sets and laser marked for identification before being crack detected.

CMM inspection is then carried out in a temperature-controlled quality department. Final visual checks are conducted before the con rods are packed in specially designed protective boxes for shipment.

The rods shown are part number C-AEG624EVO (5¾in long, 1.625in journal, 20.66mm pin) with other sizes available (see website). Retail price per set £964.80 inc VAT.

For more details call 01707 607 700 or visit ENDS.