The latest addition to the Castrol Classic TQF, an automatic transmission fluid that has been formulated to meet the specifications of the now obsolete Ford ESW-M2C-33G and ESW-M2C-33F fluids required in many classic vehicle transmissions produced before 1981.

Castrol Classic TQF is formulated to an SAE20 viscosity from a high-quality mineral base and enhanced with carefully selected modern additives to provide extra protection against wear, oxidation and corrosion. The fluid is dyed red to distinguish it from engine oil.

In addition, the non-friction modified composition of Castrol Classic TQF means it is suitable for any hydraulic system or power steering set-up where the manufacturer specifies that it be filled with an automatic transmission fluid. Castrol Classic TQF can also be used in place of Castrolite in the front forks, primary chaincases and gearboxes of classic motorcycles.

Castrol Classic TQF: available sizes

  • One litre tin: £12.50 plus P&P
  • 20-litre workshop drum: £168.95
  • Free delivery on orders over £50

Historically, many vehicle manufacturers recommend Castrol or Castrolite by name in their original handbooks and now today’s owners are able to follow those original recommendations through Castrol Classic Oils.

Purchases can be made through the Castrol Classic Shop (, where you can also find links to Castrol’s helpful oil finder tool and period-perfect merchandise range.