Avatar project up for grabs

Always good to hear from Terry Matthews, boss of Marlin Sportscars and we have a bit of an exclusive of a Marlin nature this week. Sort of.

I’ll let Terry explain further.

Hi Steve, I understand that there have been a few rumours going round that Marlin Sports Cars is under new ownership. As we are not quite ready to make an official announcement yet I will just say for now that yes, it is true and very exciting. Watch this space for a full update very soon

In the meantime, this brings me on to let you know that Avatar Sports Cars is still for sale and at a much-reduced price. It’s an incredible opportunity for the right enthusiast to take the Avatar Roadster project through to production and make it the success that it will undeniably be. 

For more information please check out the web site www.avatarsportscars.co.uk or contact Dylan@avatarsportscars.co.uk.

Offers are invited in the region of 25k to purchase the entire Avatar project, including: 


  • One road registered demonstrator car (as seen below) 


  • Complete set of Chassis jigs and suspension jigs 


  • Complete GRP body moulds


  •  CAD drawings of the chassis parts for laser cutting. 


  • Plans for get-me-home roof design


  • Avatar Sportscars trademark and full rights to designs 



  • Full documentation of third-party parts and suppliers