New from Draper Tools is this new Evolution jack. The company says that it features a unique design that sets the three-tonne jack apart.

It features twin pistons, which allows the saddle to a full 580mm, which is a useful 80mm higher than most standard trolley jacks. Draper also says that just 4.5 ‘pumps’ will see the jack fully elevated.

Another useful under-the-skin upgrade is the internal magnetic filtration system that keeps the all-important hydraulic oil from contaminants, ensuring a safer, longer between change period.

Go on admit it. When was the last time you checked the hydraulic oil in your trolley jack? Hmm, thought so. When I was a kid my late father was working on a car with an old trolley jack in place and it failed – more than definitely due to crud in the old oil – which resulted in him losing half of his thumb!

The Evolution Jack comes with a three-year warranty and costs £299.94 with more information available from ENDS.