New from Yokohama for 2021 is their new Hobby range of tyres, which in essence hark back to radials of days gone by while using modern-day tyre manufacturing processes and materials.

These are absolutely ideal for kitcars and classic cars and offer great levels of quietness, grip levels and hard wear characteristics we expect of our tyres these days.

There are presently three versions available – The GT Special Y350 (prices start at around £78) which are designed to replicate Yokohama’s original tread patterns from 1967. The AOO8P is aimed at the high-performance Porsche air-cooled Turbo and Turbo S owner (from around £147 each), while the Advan HF Type D AOO8S (from around £95 each) is a revisit to the high-performance tyre days of the eighties.

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