Another of the new wave of Graphene-based products comes from Infinity Wax and is a detailing spray within their QDX range.

Graphene is the hardest product known to man and so it follows that if you could use it as a car care product in liquid form it will be pretty successful and rugged.

A bit like an LED rechargeable torch, it doesn’t fade rather it gives great performance until it doesn’t and it goes phut!

Like that torch though you can recharge the protection on your paintwork by reapplying it. Simple as that.

QDX Graphene is very easy to apply and gave frankly startling results and has taken the title of the UK’s first Graphene enhanced detail spray.

Spray it on one panel at a time, work it in, allow it to dry for about three minutes and then buff off, simple as that.

A 500ml bottle costs £16.99 with more information from ENDS.