The B-G Fluid Spill/Drip Trays are the ideal solution to stopping unwanted fluid spills landing on the floor and are perfectly suited to garage, workshop, factory or motorsport pit/paddock environments.
The low-profile design allows the B-G Fluid Spill/Drip Trays to be easily slid underneath machinery, vehicles or generators in order to catch any drips, thereby keeping the floor dry and safe. The trays can also be used for storing fluid drums, containers or bottles.
The B-G Fluid Spill/Drip Trays are resistance to various fluids, including: most chemicals, fuel, oil and water as well as many more.
B-G Fluid Spill/Drip Trays are produced from durable polypropylene with a ribbed construction to provide additional strength and come with a smooth black finish.
BG5138: 1000x400x50mm – £12.83 inc VAT

BG5139: 600x600x120mm – £16.49 inc VAT
BG5140: 800x800x120mm – £27.49 inc VAT
BG5141: 645x495x120mm – £13.74 inc VAT
BG5142: 1200x550x50mm – £24.79 inc VAT
BG5143: 1000x550x150mm – £25.66 inc VAT
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