In 1964, Takata Racing introduced its first full-harness seat belt system. Since then, Takata Racing harnesses have become standard equipment for all sorts of motorsports from drifting to Formula 1 and are big in the JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) tuner scene.

Summit Racing carries Takata Racing harnesses for full competition, trackday, and street use, including these:

RACE 3×2 Harnesses
These FIA-approved six-point harnesses have 3in V-type shoulder straps, 2in lap belts, dual 2in anti-submarine belts, and an aluminium multi-point release camlock buckle. The shoulder belts have pull-down adjusters for quick fitment and are designed to wrap around a harness bar or rollbar. The lap and anti-submarine belts have snap-on brackets wrapped in the belt webbing, making it easy to properly set the lengths of the belts.

RACE 4 Harnesses
The RACE 4 harnesses are designed for track day and drift cars. The FIA-approved four-point harnesses feature the multi-point camlock buckle used on the RACE 3×2 harnesses to prevent accidental belt release. They also have Takata Racing’s anti-submarining system in the shoulder belts to prevent you from sliding under the lap belt during a front impact.

The 3in shoulder and 2in lap belts are available with bolt-on or snap-on mounting brackets. You can also add an anti-submarine belt to create a true six-point harness.

Drift Series Harnesses
Legal for street use in the USA, the Drift Series belts have a centre pushbutton release buckle and shoulder belts with Takata Racing’s anti-submarining system to prevent you from sliding under the lap belt during a frontal impact.

The harnesses come with your choice of bolt-on or snap-on mounting brackets. The shoulder belt brackets are removable for wraparound mounting on a harness or roll bar using the included three-bar adjusters.

The Drift II harnesses have 2in shoulder and lap belts, while the Drift III harnesses have 3in shoulder and 2in lap belts.