Maxxis has announced the arrival of the Classic Whitewall MA-1 tyre to the UK market offering aesthetics from 30 years ago with today’s performance.

The MA-1 is a high-quality vintage car tyre offering exceptional mileage and a quiet and comfortable ride. The MA-1 is constructed with a double steel-belt for long-lasting wear and consists of a jointless spiral-wrapped full nylon cap for added strength and stability, making the MA-1 very durable and therefore resistant to warping when the vehicle is stored.

The tyre is resistant to aquaplaning due to the advanced tread design funnelling out water. This, along with a solid centre rib, allows for improved handling and high-quality performance.

The striking Classic Whitewall MA-1 is the perfect touring tyre for almost any passenger car. With an attractive design and solid construction, the MA-1 offers a variety of sizes to fit your vehicle’s specifications.

Available in a range of sizes from 155/80R13 to 215/75R15, the MA-1 is suitable for a huge variety of vehicles.

The Maxxis Classic Whitewall MA-1 tyre is available in the UK from Stapleton’s Tyre Services (0870 605 4321) and a huge range of tyre fitters nationwide.