If your Optima or other AGM-type battery has discharged to within an inch of its life, don’t panic – get an Optima Digital Battery Charger. Not your typical quick-charge unit, an Optima Digital charger can bring batteries discharged as low as 1.25-volts back to full voltage.

What’s more, the chargers actually condition the battery by de-sulphating it. As the battery ages or due to poor maintenance, lead sulphate starts to crystallise and coat the lead plates. This sulfation process eventually reduces battery life or causes it to fail.

An Optimal Digital Battery Charger will reverse this process, breaking down the lead sulphate crystals and restoring battery performance.

The battery chargers have a microprocessor that determines battery condition before charging, ensuring the battery gets the correct amount of charge without overcharging or charging too fast or too long.

The Digital 400 charger is rated at 4-amps maximum output. The Digital 1200 is rated at 12-amps maximum so it can be used to jumpstart a battery if needed. The Digital 1200 also has a built-in LED work light; a USB charging port for recharging cell phones, tablets, and other devices; and an auxiliary port for a hardwired battery maintainer connection.