Talk to any professional car cleaner – or even enthusiastic and serious home detailer – and he will tell you that water flow is more important than pressure.

The pressure will lift the dirt, but water is needed to clear the debris. In fact, too much pressure with insufficient water flow will damage vehicle paintwork, especially if cleaning grit or sand off the bodywork.

The BLACKLINE CWP 3000 is tuned to offer a flow of 12 litres/min (3.2gpm) at 3000psi (207bar), the high flow rate makes this machine ideal for washing cars properly.

It is supplied with high-pressure armoured hose and five quick-change multi-purpose nozzles, soap dispenser and pro trigger gun with safety catch.

Part number CWP3000 costs £248.80 inc VAT and is available via or 01227 792 792 ENDS.