Pioneer’s dash cameras can be described as providing an extra eye on the road. Recording what is in front of them with unblinking diligence and in full HD resolution, they offer peace of mind in being able to capture events in real-time, which, in turn, can protect the user from fraudulent insurance claims.

The latest model to join the Pioneer dash camera line-up is the new VREC-DZ600, a high-performance single channel model that offers a class-leading level of features yet requires only a small area of windscreen real estate.

Pioneer VREC-DZ600 highlight features:

* Wide 160-degree recording angle
* Rotating camera head to record inside or outside car
* Full HD recording
* GPS data tagging
* Wi-Fi smartphone connectivity
* Remotely view footage through Pioneer app
* Four different recording modes: continuous, event, manual and parking
* Vibration-sensing security mode
* Supplied with 16GB MicroSD card
* Hardwire kit available for 24/7 surveillance

With thoughtful engineering, Pioneer has been able to shrink the new VREC-DZ600 into a compact, inconspicuous device that incorporates a 1.5in full-colour LCD screen and a rotating camera head that can be angled to record either the road ahead or monitor the inside of the vehicle.

What’s more, Pioneer has opted to include high-end specifications such as GPS and Wi-Fi connectivity that are unusual to find in such an affordable unit.

The wide-angle lens of the VREC-DZ600 offers a panoramic 160-degree view, capturing objects and movement from even the periphery of the vehicle. Meanwhile, the sophisticated Sony sensor uses the latest surveillance technology to compensate for contrasts between light and dark zones and capture high image quality, even at night.

All recordings are overlaid with GPS data, which offers important additional information such as vehicle position, speed, the direction of travel and time. Different modes allow the user to choose whether to have the camera running in either a continuous loop or when prompted, such as by an event on the road.

Even when the owner is not around in person, a security mode can also be enabled to keep watch over the vehicle, automatically commencing a surveillance recording after detecting vibration through the unit.

The high-performance specification of the VREC-DZ600 dash camera continues with the inclusion of built-in Wi-Fi smartphone connectivity. Together with Pioneer’s exclusive Dash Camera Interface app, this enables owners to remotely view footage on their smartphones, without the need to detach the camera from the car and connect it to a computer. With the 16GB MicroSD card supplied, a generous amount of data and real-time events are ready to be captured. The cam costs £169.99.

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