If the gearshifter on your Tremec manual transmission doesn’t feel like it should make it better with a Lokar AxiShift Shifter Adapter. It lets you position the shift lever exactly where you want for smooth, positive gearchanges.

That makes it perfect for transmission swaps in kitcars and older vehicles where the shifter position is often less than ideal.

The AxiShift bolts to the transmission shifter stub. The shift lever bolts to a stub on the AxiShift attached to a pivot ball assembly that provides 360 degrees of rotation and 15 degrees of tilt in any direction. The AxiShift also gives you the option of placing the shift lever forward of or behind the shifter stub.

If you want that extra bit of adjustment, take a look at the AxiShift Pro. It replaces the transmission shifter stub and ball joint assembly; in addition to the rotation and tilt adjustments of the standard AxiShift, the Pro version allows you to centre the shift lever or place it in one of four offset positions.

The Lokar AxiShift and AxiShift Pro fit Tremec TKO 500 and 600 five-speed transmissions and T56 Magnum six-speed transmissions.