It’s a real shame I think that the newly announced Moke won’t be available in kit-form but it is very specialist and it deserves a place within these pages. Fact is whenever you see a Moke parked somewhere you’ll usually see a crowd around it.

The new version will be available in the UK until the 56 examples are sold. In case you were wondering, the Moke is 56-years old this year. The company behind it is run by ex-Jaguar Land Rover and BMW executive, Isobel Dando and have been supplying them to companies and individuals in the Caribbean, where they are used as holiday transport.

Recent approval for the UK, where it meets Euro 4 emissions standards (low volume cars don’t need to meet the same requirements as mainstream mass-produced ones) has seen Moke International launch it here.

The new Moke is larger than the sixties original because let’s face it, we are larger people although it retains a lot of Classic Mini components but has uprated suspension, large prominent seats and roll-bars, which may not please the Moke purist, too much. The engine is a new 1.1-litre China-sourced unit delivering 66bhp.

You can choose from fourteen colours and prices start from £22,000 with more information from ENDS.