We’re all familiar with the benefits of fitting an electric cooling fan; the parasitic drag caused by an engine-driven fan is eliminated and a thermostatic control enables the fan to only operate only when it’s actually needed. However, finding all the necessary parts and ensuring they are all compatible and work together can be a pain.

Now, kitcar owners can take advantage of these specifically designed Revotec complete kits from Burton Power.

The kits include the fan itself plus bespoke laser cut aluminium brackets that mount to the body through the original radiator mounting bolt holes. This makes for a far neater fitment than a typical universal fan kit which uses either universal brackets or quick-mount plastic mounts through the radiator fins which tend to make the installation look like a DIY bodge job.

The Revotec kits also include mounting hardware and a Revotec 32mm electronic fan controller (EFC32) to turn the fan on and off according to the temperature of the coolant.

Kits are available with either a ‘blower’ or ‘sucker’ fan depending on which side of the radiator it is to be mounted on and are available with a 10in fan for X-Flow radiators or a 12in fan. All versions retail at £224.50 each inc VAT.

For more information contact www.burtonpower.com or 0208 554 2281 ENDS.