DEI has raised the bar by producing what they claim is the most technologically advanced turbo-shield ever!

The DEI GEN-3 TITANIUM Turbo Shield boasts a silicone-coated TITANIUM LR™ outer layer with multiple stainless steel and silica inner layers. This unique combination makes the GEN-3, very strong and resistant to extreme temperatures.

• Coated in silicone to insulate and hold up under extreme conditions.
• Prevents fraying and encases seams make them over four times stronger

Thick layer of silica insulation keeps heat in the turbo-shield and turbo housing.
Silica has a low thermal conductivity making it one of the best insulators.

Stainless steel, glassfibre and silicone adds to insulating and thermal properties.
Increases seam strength, durability and insulation value.

Stainless Steel fabric holds up against the highest temperatures.
Will not break down or become brittle with heat.
• Direct Heat Resistance: 1800°F (approx.980°C).
• Radiant Heat Resistance: 2500°F (approx.1370°C).

RRP: £281.91 inc VAT (Subject to currency fluctuations)Available in UK, Europe and Japan from Demon Tweaks []
For more information about this and other DEI Heat and Sound control products visit: www.designengineering.comENDS.