There’s a growing number of ‘wet coat’ products appearing on the market although they are nothing really new. I guess people are beginning to realise just how effective they can be in your car care armoury.

In my view, I swear by them and once you use one I think you’ll agree. Trouble is there is some real bandwagon-jumping rubbish on the market although there are some great ones.

One that I have been using for ages comes from Gliptone, the American brand whose products are distributed in the UK by the guys at Liquid Leather in Chester. It’s called Wax-After-Wash and is just that.

You spray the pleasing blue liquid (the smell isn’t bubble gum but it is confectionery-based, I’m certain of it!) onto your car’s bodywork one panel at a time. It contains curable polymers, Hydrophobic polymers and top-grade Carnauba wax.

Spray it onto a wet panel, spread it around with a clean, dry microfibre cloth and then immediately follow up with a drying towel. Then stand back and admire the gloss.

A 650ml spray bottle costs just £10 and is available from (click to ‘Car Care’) or in the USA visit ENDS.