Regular readers will know that we were the proud builders and owners on MG TF-based RPX made by Garry and Julie Hutton at RPS Ltd in Lowestoft (Garry of being the ‘G’ of GCS cars, who made the Morgan-flavoured Hawke).

Although I have dangled the car for sale a couple of times over the last four-years I really don’t want to sell it but when garage space is at a premium you at least have to go through the motions to keep ‘er indoors happy!

Anyway, back to RPS and has announced a very fetching and stylish new hardtop for the RPX. The main difference between this hardtop and others is the lift-out roof panel.

The hardtop is supplied in a light grey gelcoat and can be sprayed or vinyl-wrapped by the customer. The photographs show a completed hardtop that has been wrapped.

It comes fully assembled, with all catches, seals and drip tubes in place ready to be fitted straight to the vehicle. Price is £595 and these are made to order.
More from 07900 431 244 or 07868 131 906 or even via ENDS.