I’m a big fan of the new Aenso (they pronounce it ‘Enzo’, incidentally) car care brand. Japanese technology produced in Europe. I was initially quite taken with their branding and packaging, which is completely different to others but then I delved a bit further into the products themselves and of the nine thus far released all have a reason to exist and make a difference to the task in hand.

I’ve been using their pair of tyre products this week with some success. Revolve is a tyre cleaner while its brother, Orbit is a dressing.

The labelling contains the message ‘Professional Car Care products’ and I think they have definitely brought detailing standards to the real world for the likes of you and I to use and enjoy.

I hate seeing my tyres tarnished with road grime, dried mud and general detritus and I’ve found to my cost that if you just liberally splash a dressing over the sidewalls all you end up with is a gloss or satin tyre with neatly dressed crud!

It’s a gentle, yet effective cleaner that really does work, leaving the rubber ready for your chosen dressing. A 500ml spray bottle (Aenso use great triggers by the way) costs £14.58.

Meanwhile, as I had both products to hand, and someone had recommended Orbit to me I applied that over the top. Very impressed with the results. I tried two methods of application – first I sprayed directly to the tyre and wiped it around with an applicator (this can be effective, but it uses more product and you risk over-spraying onto your wheels), although I found that applying to an applicator first was more effective.

The result was a very subtle looking but mildly glossy tyre, just as I like them. I then subjected the product to my own ‘fling’ test. There’s nothing worse than making your tyres look good only to find half of the product flung all up the side of your car when you drive off.

That didn’t happen here and I found the results to be very pleasing. A 500ml spray bottle of Orbit costs £16.30.

Aenso isn’t the cheapest brand out there but they don’t claim to be. It is a premium brand at realistic prices. They pride themselves on using the very best chemicals from the very best producers in their formulations and as we know, niceties cost a bit extra.

If these two are anything to go by then you’ll be very impressed by the products of Aenso.

For more information visit www.shop.aenso.co.uk ENDS.