Lurking within the German Sonax Xtreme range are some great products. The most ‘obvious’ one, I guess, is the superb Brilliant Shine Detailer, but there’s another I really like called Spray & Seal.

It’s a fast and effective and dead easy-to-use liquid sealant that is effective on paintwork, chrome and plastics. The formulation incorporates what Sonax claim is Unique Polymer Technology that they say provides up to three months protection.

It couldn’t be easier to use. You just spray it onto your still wet vehicle after you’ve washed it and rinse off, then using a good quality drying towel, wipe to a solid and crystal shine. As well as the shine I like the beading effect it gives my paint.

If you shop around you might find a decent deal but typically you can expect a 750ml spray bottle to cost around £16.95 with a good stockist ENDS.