Oooh I say!

I’m really loving the sound of a brand-new three-wheeler kit that hails from ex-Ricardo and current Prodrive engineer, Rob Moon.

A modern design, the Darkside (there’s a superb play on words if you consider the creator’s surname!) is a single-seater that according to Moon is totally dedicated to sheer driving enjoyment, with no compromises.

Power will be monstrous and comes from Suzuki Hayabusa which when you consider that the car weighs in at 275kg. Even in entry-level ‘SS’ spec it still packs 180bhp. Rob is talking turbochargers and intercoolers for models higher up the range!

What I think is rather cool. Okay, VERY cool, is that Rob admits that he’s no stylist so if you go the company’s website you’ll see a competition to design the car’s body. This closes in mid-August. All the details are there on the site.

The Darkside will be available in kit and fully forms with prices for the component version starting at £12,500 with turnkeys from £19,000.

A quick read of the car’s spec and the philosophy of Rob Moon and you’ll be left in no doubt that this is going to quite something.

More information from ENDS.