Jaguar V6-into-Mazda MX-5 specialists, Rocketeer announced before Christmas 2019 that in future they would only be focussing on building fully built Jaguar V6-powered restomods in turnkey-only form.

Since then they have been inundated with requests to continue supplying the Rocketeer MXV6 conversion in kit form.

Rocketeer director, Bruce Southey, told me: “Having supplied over seventy kits already, we had perhaps underestimated the enjoyment derived from the self-build process. After careful consideration, we are pleased to confirm that we will continue to support those who wish to purchase the conversion in kit form. We are currently placing orders for future stock so we would encourage anybody interested to contact us soon to avoid disappointment.”

So, there you have it, from the main-man himself. The Rocketeer MXV6 makes a great engine for an MX-5-based kitcar. More information from ENDS.