I’d been hearing good things about Cleanliness, the concentrated pre-wash product from Angelwax so with plenty of time on my hands to play to indulge one of my favourite hobbies – car care products – at the moment I recently put it through its paces during a full detailing session on one of my cars that although only driven for about ten miles in the previous seven weeks seemed to have half of the Sahara Desert on its bodywork!

Simple to use, there’s a definite oven cleaner type smell mixed with a bit of citrus you dilute it in a bucket of water or your chosen foam lance and although not the foamiest product in my car care arsenal it still produces a fair amount of suds.

However, as it’s a pre-wash it’s worth remembering that its main job is to lift and agitate caked on road grime, splattered insects, bird poo and general crud before hitting the surface with snow foam and/or shampoo.

It is solvent-free and won’t take off any wax or sealant coatings you have laid down on your car’s bodywork, which is always a bonus when using such products. You can get away with a 5:1 dilution rate although the label told me that if a car is heavily soiled you can go 1:1.

Trouble is, although that may well be so, it is a sure-fire way of burning through a bottle of product quickly and as I always like a bit of value for my money, I opted for a 3:1 mix.

I know people who rinse Cleanliness away completely before adding a shampoo or snow foam but the label recommends going straight over it once you’ve allowed it to dwell and do its ‘thang’!

At £9.99 for a 1-litre my desire for wringing the best value out of a product is pretty safe with Angelwax Cleanliness. I like it.

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