Burton Power has announced that it can supply Crown Wheel & Pinion Sets for the Ford English rear axle (also known as the Timken or Banjo axle) as used in many Ford classics, some Lotus models and numerous kitcars, of course.

All Burton Crown Wheel & Pinion Sets are precision manufactured from high quality 8620 alloy steel forgings to Ford O.E. specification and quality standards.

The gears are produced on the latest Gleason CNC machinery to ensure the highest standards of production.
The superior Gleason tooth forms on each gear set are individually lapped together to give optimum meshing quality. After an exacting hardening process, the gears are finally treated to a manganese phosphate surface coating which forms a long-lasting anti-corrosion shield, that provides enhanced lubricity and protects against abrasion.

Order as part number CWE35 at £277.80inc VAT. Many different ratios are available and Burton Power can also supply similar parts for the Atlas axle.

Available now via www.burtonpower.com or at the other end of 208 554 2281 ENDS.