If you are rebuilding or modifying a Mini (or other A Series) engine be aware that some, so-called, ‘genuine Rover gasket sets’ can be poor in quality or have incorrect parts.

The problem was so significant that Mini Spares decided to put together its own correct gasket set. The original Payen gaskets served as a template, but modern KLINGER super gasket material (as used on some parts of the MPI twin point injection engines) was used.

This dual-fit multi-piece selection of KLINGER upgraded engine block gaskets will fit any early or A-Plus engine. It is suitable for road or race and will boost the longevity of your classic Mini.

The kit includes two rubber tappet chest cover seals (as fitted to some Minis from 1966).

MPI owners will find they have lots of extra gaskets over, but this set is more than £5.00 cheaper than the original Rover MPI set. The Mini Spares kit can be ordered as part number GUG701614CS and retails at just £40.32 inc VAT.

For more details contact Mini Spares on  01707 607 700 or visit www.minispares.com ENDS.