Royal warranted car-care expert Autoglym has released its finest, most durable paint protection yet. Ultra High Definition Ceramic Coating locks in perfect paintwork, providing the foundations for a year-round silky smooth, mirror-like finish.
Ultra High Definition Ceramic Coating is said to be the most durable paint protection product Autoglym has ever released. Throughout its development, Autoglym’s white-coated boffins have continuously advanced the formulation.
Ultra High Definition Shampoo and Ultra High Definition Wax enhance the performance even further, increasing durability to its full potential. When it comes to taking car care to the next level, Autoglym’s products make the perfect harmonious team.

This system enables you to achieve professional results at home and makes your car care programme even easier and more enjoyable. The kit will equip you with the perfect apparatus to prepare your paintwork for this semi-permanent coating to bond to its surface and lock in an immaculate finish for up to 12 months at a time. Perfect for cars that have to spend much of their time outside.

The kits contains a 100ml bottle UHD Preparation 100ml as well as a UHD Ceramic Coating in the same size. Enough to cover most vehicles. The included applicator makes for smooth and easy coverage, while both an optimised preparation and separate finishing cloth make for flawless results, once paintwork has been cleaned and polished to perfection.
Application is very straightforward. Working in 50cm x 50cm sections (average-sized panel) at a time, the product is applied and gently starts to evaporate. When it appears to have formed small beads and a film begins to form, it’s time to buff it off. Applying in straight lines, using the applicator supplied, and applying sparingly, the excess is buffed off once fully dry.
Once cured in the dry for around four hours – and left unwashed for 24 hours – your car is ready to take on the world, with its new highly durable, highly attractive and locked-in shine.
Priced at £59.99, Autoglym Ultra High Definition Ceramic Coating can be found at all good accessory retailers – and ENDS.