Merlin Motorsport specialises in the products of several aftermarket suppliers such as Goodridge brake lines, Samco Hoses and Mocal oil coolers, to name but three.

BEFORE! The customer owns a Raw Striker and told Merlin what he wanted …


They also do a very nice line in Aeroquip products and can cut, make and fit your chosen ends on a custom basis.

The Aeroquip ‘hose and Push-Fit union’ combination is a proven favourite for many enthusiasts for several reasons. It’s cost-effective, strong, robust and can be assembled at home in your shed with no need for specialist tools or machines.

This allows for hose routing to be determined, manufactured and plumbed with the car right in front of you.

Alternatively, Merlin Motorsport can offer a no-hassle way to make up hoses to your specifications using any kind of unions or hose off their shelves – they can make them for you, no charge!

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The images below show three fuel hoses ‘before’ a customer’s chosen unions along with measured out cheap hose in order to show us what was required. The  ‘after’ image shows the finished new hoses. These were destined for a Raw Striker that had an upgrade to Omex throttle bodies – very nice too!

If you’d like Merlin to help with supplying parts and assembling a hose to your specific requirements (no charge) then send us an email or give us a call on 01249 782 101 or ENDS.