The Laser Tools spot repair orbital sander and polisher (part number 7683) is a compact but powerful air tool that is powered from the workshop compressed air supply (recommended pressure 90psi at the tool).

This is a neat and very compact sander/polisher that weighs just half a kilogram. It has excellent performance with a maximum RPM of 13,000 available but boasts an efficient average air consumption of just 2.6 CFM. The speed of the spot repair sander can be easily adjusted on the instrument.

It’s smooth, well-balanced action and selection of sanding pads are suited to smaller repairs, letting the operator contain the sanding action to just the damaged area.

It is supplied as part of a comprehensive kit that is ideal for spot refinishing and SMART repair. Everything is included and packed neatly in a convenient blow-moulded case: three different sized sanding pads, two foam polishing heads and two lambswool polishing heads.

Additionally, an excellent selection of abrasive sanding discs (in the three sizes) is included (120, 180, 320, 600, 1000, 1500 grit). Consumables are available.

Take everything you need straight to the job — all you have to add is the compressed air supply. This professional tool is available now from your local Laser Tools supplier. The 7683 set is typically priced at £381.02 inc VAT but always remember to check for the best prices and special offers.

See the spot repair orbital sander and polisher in action on the Tool Connection YouTube channel:

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