Here’s a great device for kit and specialist car enthusiasts. It comes from Ring Automotive and is a very compact Jump Starter Powerpack (RPPL700). Unlike some of these micro starters that in my experience, er, don’t start your car or manage one and then need re-charging, this one can carry out multiple jump starts on once charge.

What sets this one even farther apart though is that thanks to its rapid recharge technology you can leave it connected to your vehicle for 40-seconds after the vehicle has been jump-started and it will regain 100 per cent recharge ready for further use.

The Ring RPPL700 Lithium Professional Jump Starter is ideal for petrol vehicles up to 8-litres and diesel vehicles up to 6-litres.

The unit has a tough build with rubber moulding and is 75 per cent lighter than an equivalent lead-acid jump starter, making it more mobile and ideal for being used frequently in a workshop.

Under normal conditions, with a fully functioning alternator, if the jump starter is fully charged before use, leaving the clamps connected to the vehicle will recharge the jump starter from the vehicle alternator in around 60 seconds.

The pack also contains a rapid recharging docking station too, while safety is also taken care courtesy of surge protection, reverse polarity, over cranking and short-circuiting, as well as a temperature monitoring system.

More information from ENDS.