New from Kärcher is the K7 Compact model, which in essence their top-of-the-range K7 model in, er, compact form!

There’s no digital lance or detergent bottle cavity but the powerful, water-cooled 2.8kW motor remains and is still able to handle up to 550-litres of water per hour.

It’s small and easy to manoeuvre, but still has the same power as its big brother but not as wieldy. I think it’s possible to miss the features of the K7 Premier as the Compact version is so simple to use, by contrast.

The pack comes with 10-metres of kink-free hose, a line for your chosen detergent and that’s all there is to it. Just plug into the mains and hook it up to your tap and off you go.

You might view its price at a fiver under 400 quid as steep. Well, obviously that is quite a chunk of money, but I think you’ll find this one so easy to use it might well be worth the outlay.

More information from ENDS.