Due for launch at Reis Race Retro 2020 taking place on February 21-23, is a brand new V12 engine called the tera®. Inspired by the legendary Jaguar V12 unit it hails from Neville Swales’ Building The Legend XJ13 project and is described as an evolution of the special version of the Jaguar V12 designed by Claude Baily and intended for the ill-fated XJ13.

The original was an engine designed to race – itself developed from Harry Mundy and Walter Hassan’s XJ12 unit – but never raced.

The tera® is normally-aspirated and distributor-less with a choice of mechanical or electronic fuel injection and revving to around 8500rpm!
Building the Legend can upgrade your Classic Jaguar! From a “refresh”, engine-swap, full-restoration and everything in between.

You’ll find the Building The Legend team in Hall 2 on stand 136.

For further information visit: www.BuildingTheLegend.co.uk ENDS.