Here’s a superb new car drying blower called BIGBOI BLOWR PRO, which is arguably one of the finest machines of its type. Not the cheapest by any means at £329, it is worth the outlay in our view.

If you like taking care of your cars, you’ll know that carelessness when washing and drying a car with a chamois or even a drying towel can leave the odd scratch or blemish on your car’s bodywork.

The BlowR is powered by not one but two 1600-watt motors, each with two power settings. If you like details of such things this means that you can blast your car with a jet of filtered and heated air from 45mph to 179mph.

Superbly built that gets rid of water from wet bodywork extremely quickly eliminating the possibility of water-spots and soap residue, especially in panel shuts where irritating water can evade capture.

It sits on top-notch castor type wheels and a high-quality 3.5-metre hose and that means you can move it around your car easily.

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