The classic VW air-cooled Beetle had two types of rear suspension – independent rear suspension and swing arm. Of these, the IRS came with either single or dual joints/swing plates.

Leading suspension specialists GAZ now offer uprated, adjustable dampers that have been specially designed for IRS Dual Joint VW Beetles and should fit most IRS models up to 1979 (although there may be exceptions in certain markets).

The dampers are bump and rebound adjustable and can be quickly adjusted by means of an easily accessible single knob on the side of the damper.

The dampers are built to the same standards as the ones that GAZ builds for race and rally use. So, although your Beetle may only be used on the road or on an occasional cross country excursion across a camp site the dampers will be able to cope with anything that you require of them.

The zinc-plated body and the tough, flexible sleeve will also ensure that they are adequately protected from any grit, mud and dirt that is thrown their way in the process.

All units are individually tested before leaving the factory and are covered by a two-year warranty.

The GAZ GT dampers for IRS Dual Joint VW Beetles can be ordered as part number
GT5 2303 Rear and retail at £72.81 inc VAT.

This part also fits Karmann Ghias with IRS. GAZ can also supply front dampers or struts. Prices vary depending on the year/model.

For further details visit www.gazshocks.comor ENDS.