Rebel Performance Machines has announced the purchase of worldwide design and manufacturing rights for the exo-skeletal Yamaha R1-powered tR1ke and the Suzuki Hayabusa-powered Triabusa three-wheelers.

With the company’s design, engineering and manufacturing background, Rebel Performance Machines feel this is a great opportunity to bring new energy into both models to develop them further as a super-light, superfast, fun and exciting cars for the kitcar builder.

The company’s ethos is to provide high-quality kits with great options to customise the build coupled with detailed build manuals to ensure the process is enjoyable and easy to complete. Rebel boss, Daviod Cunningham told me: “We are with the customer on their journey from initial purchase, through the build process to having fun in the finished cars.

“We are working closely with Exo Sports Cars to ensure a smooth transition and the kits are available immediately for our UK and overseas customers with a new website and online shop available now.

The company is based near Littleport in Cambridgeshire, headed up by owner and founder David Cunningham, who has a proven track record and a passion for design, engineering and manufacturing.

The tR1ke and Triabusa are extremely capable three-wheelers and I well remember a great day at Blyton Park one day destroying everything else on track with me. A lightweight machine with explosive performance.

More information from 07379 124 424 ENDS.