While I was at Great British Sports Cars last week and being blown away by developments at the Nottinghamshire-based company including a sneak peek of a new GBS model called the, oooh sorry I’m not allowed to say just yet. It looks very cool, though. I did bag a drive of the brand new Zero Gen 2.Very good.

I also spied a stunning-looking Ford Escort Mk2 in their workshop. Initially, I thought it was a nice restoration job on a metal-bodied car, but oh no …

There’s a lot more to it than that. GBS is working with leading North Wales rally specialist Motorsport Tools to help IVA their Mk2 Escort replica. Yes, you read that right. A Mk2 Escort REPLICA!

The idea is to definitely offer the Motorsport Tools version in fully built form, although they haven’t ruled out kit packages. Power will come from a Duratec 2.5-litre engine with ATR throttle bodies and dampers, with a Vitesse-supplied Mazda MX-5-spec six-speed gearbox.

Motorsport Tools will definitely offer the car in hardcore Group 4 Clubman form complete with full rollcage, wide wheel arches and a very basic interior. However, they will also now offer a more road-orientated version with comfort-based niceties. They sell the fully-painted ‘shells on their own, from £22,200 inc VAT.

Other Mk2 Escort ‘shells are available from a basic Mk2 painted monocoque from £7500 inc VAT, an FIA-spec Group 4 ‘Works’-bodyshell from £25,200 inc VAT.

Fully built and kit prices have yet to be announced but whatever it turns out to be it almost definitely will cost less than a restored original, which can cost over £100,000.

As the name obviously implies, Motorsport Tools can supply all sorts of handy implements but interestingly, have a trawl around their website and you’ll find some very intriguing items listed.

We’ll bring you more information on this exciting arrival as we get it.

In the meantime, visit www.motorsport-tools.comor www.greatbritishsportscars.co.uk ENDS.