Latest company to join the likes of Jenvey, ATR, Omex and ATR offering direct-to-head throttle body kits is Gradient Engineering, based in Hinckley, Leicestershire. Mechanical engineer, Paul Griffin is the man behind the new products.

Gradient’s range currently works on Ford CVH and Zetec and Mazda N/A and N/B engines and are beautifully made from billet aluminium.

For what seems like a bargain £1250 you get the bodies, fuel rail, linkages, velocity stacks (trumpets, to you and me!) and the appropriate mountings to fit to Zetec or CVH. The direct-to-head throttle bodies are a no-compromise design that ensures that whatever engine they are fitted to they provide optimum airflow to maximise engine performance. The advantages for throttle bodies include:

  • Increased airflow to the cylinder
  • Faster throttle response
  • Tuned inlet length to meet engine performance requirements

They work on normally-aspirated and boost charged variants and the clever modular concept will allow your engine to be retrospectively upgraded. Current sizes are 40mm, 45mm and 48mm, while other engine options are expected to be announced soon.

Gradient’s other product is a set of roller rocker arms for the CVH engine. The arms are in development and have been designed to withstand the requirements of motorsport and high-performance road vehicles, just like your kitcar, in fact! They have been developed to work with either hydraulic or solid followers.

Improved efficiency within the valve train comes from the reduced weight and the reduction in friction between the rocker and the valve/rocker, which reduces the side-loads on the valve stem.

The billet aluminium arm increases the stiffness while reducing the weight. The hardened steel rollers reduce the friction between the valve stem and arm, and the follower and arm compared to the sliding motion of the standard arms. The needle roller bearing central pivot provides precision alignment reducing the play and rattle associated with a standard rocker and pivot. They are available for pre-order NOW.

The company runs a highly-modified Ford CVH-powered Fiesta in BARC North Western Sports and Saloon Car Championship sponsored by CNC Heads and their car has been used as a mobile test-bed.

More on Gradient Engineering soon.

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