A correctly operating choke cable will maximise the cold start performance of any manual choke carburettor and Webcon have been manufacturing and supplying the finest quality choke cables for over forty years.

Now there is a range of four different lengths and inners to suit almost all front-engined applications and all are manufactured to Webcon’s exacting quality standards.

The range details are below:

Part Number Length Outer Length Inner Inner type               Price inc VAT

9990087400 54in        57in                Bowden cable              £22.46 inc VAT
9990102300 72in        78in                 Bowden cable              £22.94 inc VAT

9990203400 54in        57in                Piano wire                   £18.55 inc VAT

9990221500 90in        96in                Piano Wire                  £19.79 inc VAT

For further details contact Webcon UK on 01932 787 100 or visit www.webcon.co.uk ENDS.