The latest product from leading US car care behemoth, Mothers is CMX Ceramic Spray Coating.

Having heard the hype about CMX via various YouTube videos and American friends, I was looking forward to trying it out.

Even though I love cleaning my cars and Carol calls me an ‘addict’ I have tended to shy away from ceramic coatings. I’m a bit scared of them, to be honest. They can give outrageously effective and long-lasting shine but they can also be a pig to apply and for the best results they need to ‘cure’ for 12-hours and mustn’t get wet during that time.

Not always easy to achieve when living in England and you don’t have an empty garage! As a result of all that and after hearing some horror stories of them being almost impossible to remove, in a few cases, I’ve left them alone.

Nano, quartz ceramic, call it what you will, the main ingredients in these products is Titanium Dioxide (TiO2), which is basically liquid ceramic and Silicon Dioxide (Si02), or ceramic glass.

Put these two together and they are a powerhouse combination, but as I said, can be difficult to work with and are almost always very expensive.

Some clever people have started producing purely Si02 sprays, as these give brilliant results but take the difficult-bit (the Ti02) out of the equation. Some of these are great but will always be a compromise.

From what I believe, and Mothers claim, this the first affordable, easy to use, ceramic spray coating to hit the market, therefore, looking forward to using it.

The label is very detailed but extremely informative and I set about my car with it, I did take the time to strip off previous waxes etc and used a clay bar to remove impurities in the paint.

I wouldn’t call it an ‘easy-on-easy-off’ product but as a little goes a long way I found, but it is fairly simple to work with. Spray a little on, a panel at a time, work it in, leave it to ‘cure’ for a couple of minutes, and the, buff off. There were a few smears left behind but a bit of extra elbow grease soon got rid of them, and there was a little bit of chalky beads, to be honest, but nothing too dramatic, although some might not like that. They didn’t cause me any upset.

In any case, the resulting shine was insane especially when I added extra layers of the product or as car detailers call ‘stacking’ and I have to concur with Mothers claims of a ‘deep glass like’ finish.

Typical cost in the UK is £24.98

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