Crikey, it’s hard to believe but it’s some twenty years since the Toniq R first came blinking into the spotlight at the Donington kit car show.

Designed by a group of students from the University of Huddersfield, it was seen as a fresh and ultra-credible new take on the Lotus Seven theme.

One of the four people involved from gestation, Colin Williams, now re-located in St Austell, Cornwall, has been running Toniq Cars for several years although it’s fair to say that although the car has always been available, it’s been keeping a low-profile in recent times, primarily due to Colin being an in-demand designer.

However, the company now has a new website, which is really impressive and easy to use, while they have now re-branded with the Toniq CB range which can be used on road or track. The car has always been a fine-handling thing but has benefited lately from further enhancements to the double wishbones and inboard dampers and a stiffened round-tube spaceframe chassis.

Colin also has plans to develop new models under the Toniq banner including a full-bodied sportscar. He’s also created a separate website that features details on tooling, production and design aspects that the company can offer. This can be found at

Meanwhile, for more information on the Toniq CB range of kits visit or call 01726 983 409 ENDS.