There is any number of oval tube electric exhaust cut-out, but Summit Racing reckon that none have all of the features of Granatelli Motorsports’ 3in Oval Electric Exhaust Cutout Systems.

One-Touch Open and Close Switch

Some exhaust cut-out systems have an activation switch that must be held down to open and close the butterfly plates. That can lead to over-torquing the butterfly shaft, which can damage the internal gears of the drive system. The Granatelli exhaust cut-out systems have a smart-chip-controlled, one-touch-switch to open and close the butterfly plates and prevent over torquing.

45 Degree Turndowns

Granatelli Motorsports includes 45-degree stainless steel turndowns in its kits. Using 45-degree turndowns lets you direct exhaust flow down towards the ground instead of straight out the side. This helps keep exhaust fumes out of the car.

High Flow with Extra Ground Clearance

The Granatelli systems can fit any 2¼in or larger round tube exhaust system. Since the cutouts measure just 2¼in tall, you now get the free-flowing characteristics of 3in tubing while picking up a .75in of ground clearance.

Other Features

  • CNC-machined, aircraft-quality 6061 aluminium bodies
  • Stainless steel butterfly plates and blade shafts
  • High-torque DC gear-reduction motors assure butterfly plates fully open and close
  • High-temperature steel drive gears
  • No ECU reflash or custom tuning needed when cut-outs are installed after the catalytic converter
  • Bolt-on installation
  • Plug-and-play wiring connections—no welding or soldering required
  • Stainless steel oval-to-round tube adapter(s), rocker switch, wiring harness, and hardware included

The Granatelli Motorsports 3in Electric Exhaust Cutouts are available for single or dual exhaust systems.