Here’s a very cool product, hailing from popular car care company, Sam’s Detailing and this one is a little gem.

Ceramic coatings are the latest buzzword in car care, and they are great. It’s like a Teflon non-stick surface for your car’s body.

Trouble is, you need to apply them properly and carefully. Go off-piste and you’ll find them virtually impossible to remove. Ceramic Boost from Sam’s Detailing features the best, and user-friendly aspects of ceramic coatings, Si02.

Pre-wash with snow foam and then shampoo the body, then simply spray on Ceramic Boost while it is still wet.

Once done, you immediately wash it off. The result is a deep shine and proper protection for up to three months. Water also literally ‘sheets’ off the vehicle when it rains.

A 500ml spray bottle costs £8.50 and is available via ENDS.