vGroup International has launched a new highly environmentally-friendly and effective screenwash tablet, to help support the campaign against the use of plastic bottles.

Teal blue in colour, with a pleasant blue raspberry smell, the product will be available under the new P1 Autocare brand in blister packs of one, three and six tablets.

Each tablet, or pod, creates five litres of screen wash, a three-pod pack fifteen-litres and a six-pod pack thirty-litres of screenwash meaning that they create more screenwash than the majority of water bottles can hold, ensuring less waste.

Originally launched in Germany, it is the only screenwash used by BMW in the country, with all dealers giving a free six-pack of tablets, to customers. Nissan in Germany will shortly follow suit.

The recent statistics and cost to the environment on screen wash consumption and its associated plastic bottle waste are startling. 100,000,000 plastic bottles of screen wash are consumed by the British public yearly, which equates to two million plastic bottles per week or an astonishing 274,000 bottles per day.

Other benefits include avoiding the risk of chemical spillages in the warehouse, shop, home, vehicle and, on individuals.

The brand teams on both P1 Autocare and Cosmos have also come up with essential winter kits where the new pods will be included, as well as a new pollutant free trigger de-icer.

James Nash, vGroup Managing Director, said: “Our screen wash tablet could not be launched at a more important time, with the staggering amount of plastic waste that is being accumulated through daily consumption of bottled goods including bottled screen wash.”

Pricing as follows:

One-pod pack £1.99

Three-pod pack £5.49

Six-pod pack £9.99