Siltech Racing, run by father and son team, Dennis and Roger Silman, has developed a bit of a reputation in the kitcar industry with their own range of wide track suspension kits with a concentration on Westfields.

They’ve taken things a stage further recently by acquiring the rights to the ex-Sylva Stylus model designed by Jeremy Phillips, back in 1994, which shares the fine DNA found in all cars of Sylva origin, although is perhaps one of Jeremy’s most under-rated designs, always living in the shadow of the Fury.

Several companies have had a go at marketing it over the years, after Jeremy sold the project on to Peter Powell of Specialist Sportscars and he was he who sold the bulk of the 80 or so sold, thus far.

The previous custodian, Matt Downes has been working hard on further developing the Stylus, even creating on a new Mazda MX-5 version, which is where the Norfolk-based Silmans will be concentrating their efforts.

They’ll initially be offering the wider, beefier version developed by Tim Benbow, when he had the project, but can also offer the classic-looking original complete with doors, too.

It’s early days yet, but Siltech Racing aims to have their first demonstrator ready for next year’s Stoneleigh show, once they’ve completed the extension of their workshop to help house the Stylus.

For more information visit or 01362 820 456 ENDS.