Many older kitcars and replicas have excellent performance, but their lighting is woefully inadequate for modern traffic conditions. That ingenious chap, Gil Keane, of Better Car Lighting, has spent two years developing these powerful, efficient and MOT-friendly LED upgrades.

By using an off-the-shelf ‘chassis’ but developing their own electronics and control systems while using special LEDs developed for headlamp use, they can now offer quick-fitting LED upgrade bulbs, which have a warm white light to look OE, but which are as powerful as any brand-new car headlight. The light output is classic white, not blue.

This new kit reduces the load on car electrical systems by 60 per cent, Gil says, but gives a light increase of 250 per cent. They have no extra boxes to accommodate, need no wiring changes, and are as quick to fit as conventional bulbs.

The light output is 4300K to avoid a ‘modern’ look and they come with a class-leading five-year warranty, as well a money-back guarantee.

They are available in H4 now, but many of the BPF bulb types, as well as the single

beam H1, H7 etc. will be available soon. All have been developed to produce a perfect

beam pattern and test reports are available on request from Better Car Lighting.

The upgrade kit costs £159.99 inc VAT to upgrade one pair of H4 headlight bulbs. Single beam versions cost just £119.99 inc VAT and are covered by the same five-year guarantee.

Prices for the BPF versions will be announced soon.

More information from or 0121 773 7000 ENDS.