In addition to their existing range of automotive cable, Connect Workshop Consumables has recently introduced a new range of mini-reels of high-quality cable in a variety of colours and capacities from 5-amp up to 27-amp.

Three varieties of speaker cable are also included in the mini reel range. These are general purpose low voltage cables manufactured to BS 6862, suitable for use in automotive and marine applications in temperatures up to 70°C. The PVC insulation is resistant to petrol, diesel and lubricating oils and the cable is supplied on a convenient plastic mini reel.

The 9/0.30 (9 strands of 0.30mm diameter cable), 5 amp cables are suitable for automotive side lamps, indicators, etc (part numbers 36950 black, 36951 blue, 36952 brown, 36953 green, 36954 red, 36955 yellow, 36956 white and 36957 twin-core), and seven metres is supplied on each mini reel (two metres for the twin-core).

The 14/0.30 cable is rated at 8-amps and is suitable for lighting circuits and general wiring. Available in a variety of colours from part numbers 36958 through 36964 (6 metres per roll). The 28/0.30 cable is rated at 17-amps and is suitable for headlamps, wipers, petrol pumps, etc (part numbers 36965 – 36970, 3.5 metres per roll). The 44/0.30 cable is rated at 27-amps and is suitable for heavier duty applications like charging circuits and main feeds (part numbers 36971 – 3697, 2.2 metres on the roll).

Three types of twin speaker cable are also included in the mini reel range: 36974 is 2 x 12/0.20 in black/grey; 36975 is a heavier 2 x 24/0.20 in black/grey (both 7 metres on the roll) and 36976 is a heavy-duty (32/0.20) version with clear insulation and red stripe (4 metres on the roll).

When repairing wiring or fitting an accessory, rather than having to purchase full-size rolls of a particular colour and size of cable, the mini reels are a versatile and economical alternative. They are available now from your Connect Workshop Consumables supplier, typically priced at £5.40 – £6.34 per roll (5 amp and 8 amp), £6.78 for the 17- and 27-amp. The speaker wire is typically priced at £6.24 for the 36974, £9.90 for the 36975, and the 36976 is £9.54.

The full Connect range is available from The Tool Connection’s distributors and stockists. For further details or to order a new Connect catalogue, contact 01926 815 888 or and ENDS.