Even a stock camshaft needs to be timed correctly. If you want to get the maximum benefit from a ‘hot’ cam it is doubly important that the timing is correct. The duplex vernier adjustable timing gear-set uses sets of dowel holes with two-degree increments and the best chain available (2H4905EVO).

When done properly your cam will be within one degree of right (the use of a 1-degree offset key means that you can be exact!)

The kit includes billet steel upper and lower gears plus a quality non-stretch EVO chain.

The factory ‘dot-to-dot’ method of cam timing can, because of manufacturing tolerances, be out by as much as 15-degrees.

Anything above two degrees out and power suffers – most noticeably in small bore engines like the Mini. In race engines you probably lose one bhp for every degree the cam is out, more when over six degrees! The Mini Spares adjustable cam gear set with non-stretch chain will rectify such matters.

Order as part number C-AJJ3327 at just £105.60 inc VAT.

More details from 01707 607 700 or www.minispares.com ENDS.